Why Widgets Are So Successful in SEO

The future of SEO just might be widgets. This is because widgets are tools of high engagement on the social media systems. This means that widgets just might give a business an unfair advantage when it comes to SEO. This is because most companies do not know how to create or use a widget effectively.

So what is a widget exactly? A widget is a consumer engagement tool that a consumer takes from a website and puts on their website. This usually includes a link back to the website that created the widget. Widgets are very effective at getting links because they provide real value to the internet besides being very entertaining at times.

The classic example of a widget is a quiz. A quiz has a very high engagement rate and people have a hard time not taking a quiz. This means that a person loves to take the quiz. In most cases, the people taking the quiz would not only link to the quiz (so that their friends could take the quiz) they would also receive a “badge” that would display their results. This is what was usually displayed on a website and what contained the link back to the creator’s website. This is a highly effective way of generating links.

A widget can also be an info graphic. An info graphic is a graphic that is usually funny in nature; people find these graphics on sharing sites and load them into their own personal sites. This graphic contains a link back to the creator’s site. Therefore, they gain back links from the use of the info graphic. This method has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. Therefore, a person can reasonably expect to see more of this back link generation to occur in the future.

Finally, a person may generate a user specific (or niche specific) widget. The classic example of this is the mortgage calculators. These calculators are everywhere on the internet, but someone had to generate the code to make them. Therefore, someone generated the code and inserted a back link into the code to get their sites ranked higher on the search engines. This method works well for industry specific sites where the use of humor does not make sense for the business. This is because the business needs to have a more professional tone and having a funny widget would hurt the business.

In conclusion, a business that is serious about SEO has to consider making a widget for linking purposes. There are many types of widgets that a business can use. Therefore, a business should consider all the widgets available, and then begin making their own as soon as possible.